OneView Service Tester

Active Monitoring

The extender can make many different active requests ranging from a simple connect to a full scripted user workflow, e.g. http request made to test the response time of your company Intranet portal, or start scripted robot workflow that act like a real user of a web page. .

Always make sure that you monitor what is delivered to the end users. That will show you if there is a problem you need to attend to.

Example: Configure the ServiceTester to request the front page of your company intranet portal each minute. This will give you a 24 hour baseline of the response time of your intranet portal.

The ServiceTester will tell you if response time changes at a certain point during the night due to changes in your IT infrastructure or your application. This is valuable information whenever you need to debug a problem.

PDFService Tester User Guide
PDFWeb Robot User Guide

ServiceTester will handle the following type of requests

Web Application:
Web Request – Requests a single http/s URL from a web server
Web Robot – Executes a Web Robot
Web Page – Requests and loads a full web page

Network Ping – Requests a single ICMP echo response from a host
Network Connection – Establishes a TCP connection with a server
SSH Login – Performs a SSH login and executes a command
FTP Login – Performs a FTP login

Database Query – Executes an SQL query against a relational database
Database Compare – Executes SQL queries against two relational databases and compares the results

Windows Service – Checks whether a remote Windows service is running
Command Line – Executes a local command line program
Performance Counters – Reads Windows Performance Counter Values

Directory Listing – List files in a local or remote directory

New Relic:
New Relic Application Summary – Retrieves summary for a New Relic application
New Relic Application Metrics – Retrieves metrics for a New Relic application

Monitis Mail Monitor – Retrieves metrics for a Monitis Mail Monitor