Cloud Dashboard

The build in cloud integration interface feature allow you to access your OneView Cloud Dashboard on any mobile device anywhere in the world without remote log in to your company network.

The Monsalta OneView Cloud Dashboard is a cloud service run by Monsalta. If you enable this feature in your OneView System,  your OneView system sends live status information to the Monsalta OneView Cloud service. In your OneView System a link to a secure Monsalta web site will occur.

By clicking the link you will see your dashboard in a cloud version that can be accessed on any device from anywhere in the world. You can configure the Monsalta OneView Cloud service to put up logon restrictions if you do not want people outside your control to share the link to your live OneView Cloud Dashboard.

For security reasons the cloud dashboard is not a user interface for your OneView system. If you want to dig into a specific problem, you need to go into your OneView system. The cloud dashboard will always tell you if you need to log on to your company network and open your OneView system to resolve an issue that affects your users.