The main entities of interest in OneView are the systems on the dashboard and their current status.

Notifications in OneView are simply messages about state changes of the dashboard, pushed to users of Oneview by email or mobile text messages.

OneView customers may use the Monsalta SMS Gateway free of charge by acquiring an API-key from Monsalta.

See pages about setting up a Mail-exchanger or a SMS Gateway.

Notifications can be set up by user, by an Oneview System Administrator or the user himself..

Best Practices

Who should receive notifications?

Think twice before setting up notifications for users. They can easily become an annoying experience for the individual receiving them.

This is true, if you have not thought through what the notifications  should be used for, or if you have not configured your dashboard to be mostly green during normal production.

Notifications should be reserved for people responsible for an application and who need to react immediately upon a state change of a system.

If notifications are enabled, you are encouraged to have procedures in place for maintaining the configuation of the dashboard. This is to quickly eliminate any false alarms that you experience after the initial setup of the dashboard.

Remember that anyone, that has an interest in the state of a system, can at any time view the live state of a system through the mobile dashboard.

Often the mobile dashboard is a better solution for management.

Notifications are under normal circumstances best suited for  the technical staff. 

What to notify about?

One can setup notifications for entire dashboards, collections or individual systems.

If you setup notifications at dashboard or collection level you are notified about state changes at these levels. This is fine, if you just need to know if an application has any issues, but not exactly which issues.

If a system consists of N sub systems, it may change its state if one of the N sub systems changes its state. Or it may not.

If the system is red because one of its sub systems is red, the state of the system will NOT change in case one more sub system turns red, because the system was already red.

So if you need to know when a sub system is failing, and not just that something is wrong with the overall system, you must setup notifications for each sub system.