Using Messages

Messages are used to indicate on the live dashboard if a collection, system, domain or transaction has a status that needs attention. It is possible to combine states in a query that displays on the dashboard if the criteria are met.

If the flag is raised an information box is set on the collection or system level:


When the information box appears, it is possible to hover over the box and read the message:


Setting up the message box

Messages are set up at system level – note that a collection is a top level system and can therefore also use messages.

Open the system that should have a message attached – click ‘Edit System’:


At the bottom of the dialogue box find the Messages section and click ‘Add Message’:


Per default a message is generated. This default message consists of the name of the system and the text ‘is down’. This can be edited by clicking the wrench:


In the edit message mode it is possible to change the message viewed on the live dashboard and change the conditions.


The syntax of the message conditions are as follows:

Using names (as a text in apostrophes) a query can be made on:

  • Systems
  • Domains
  • Transactions

It is also possible to ask for IDs in numbers – like system[system_id=61]

The only attribute that can be asked for is the status attribute where the value can take the following values:

  • RED
  • BLUE

It is possible to use operators to pinpoint what is asked for in more detail:

  • == (equals)
  • != (does not equal)
  • OR (logical or)
  • AND (logical and)
  • NOT (logical negation)

Furthermore it is possible to use parentheses in the expression. The message will be shown if the complete expression is true.


system[system_id=61].status==YELLOW and domain[‘Main Website’].status!=GREEN and transaction[My First Transaction].status==RED

This example displays an error message if:

the system with the system ID is 61 is yellow
the domain called ‘Main Website’ is different from green
the transaction ‘My First Transaction’ is red